Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MeCAF Report

I had a blast at the Maine Comics Festival on Sunday. Here's a shot of Bob (on the right) and I.

As advertised, we did Free Monster Drawings all day—more than 50 each! Unfortunately, I don't have a visual record of these, but I got some great requests. Some of my favorite drawing challenges were a monster made out of Legos, a monster who "likes to go out to dinner," a 16-headed monster (generously down-graded to a 12-header by the requester as my drawing paper began to fill up with monster heads), and a 3-headed monster who has a really long tongue in one head, breathes fire from the second head, and spits out pencil shavings (!) from the 3rd head. If anyone reading this got a monster drawing from me, send me a photo of it! I would love to remember more of what I drew.
We were scribbling out monsters like crazy, but Ellen Crenshaw was even more ambitious than we were. Go read her MeCAF report!
Now I can't stop drawing monsters:

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