Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MeCAF Report

I had a blast at the Maine Comics Festival on Sunday. Here's a shot of Bob (on the right) and I.

As advertised, we did Free Monster Drawings all day—more than 50 each! Unfortunately, I don't have a visual record of these, but I got some great requests. Some of my favorite drawing challenges were a monster made out of Legos, a monster who "likes to go out to dinner," a 16-headed monster (generously down-graded to a 12-header by the requester as my drawing paper began to fill up with monster heads), and a 3-headed monster who has a really long tongue in one head, breathes fire from the second head, and spits out pencil shavings (!) from the 3rd head. If anyone reading this got a monster drawing from me, send me a photo of it! I would love to remember more of what I drew.
We were scribbling out monsters like crazy, but Ellen Crenshaw was even more ambitious than we were. Go read her MeCAF report!
Now I can't stop drawing monsters:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Monsters!

Bob and I will be representing Heeby Jeeby Comix at the Maine Comics Art Festival this Sunday, May 22. And we will be drawing Free Monsters—for you! Or for someone else, if you don't come. Here are some samples of what you might get: