Friday, April 22, 2016

Useful Robots

Drew these in my sketchbook for March of Robots.

Useful Robot #1: Tooth-Brushing Robot

Useful Robot #2: Shoe-Tying Robot

Useful Robot #3: Vegetable-Eating Robot

Useful Robot #4: My-Little-Pony-Brushing Robot

Useful Robot #5: Bicycle-Riding Piggyback-Ride-Giving Robot. I like to bike, but if you’re too tired or lazy, get one of these.

Useful Robot#6: Roomba Helper

Useful Robot #7: Soup-Cooling Robot

Useful Robot #8: Toe-Nail-Clipping Robot

Useful Robot #9: Doodling Robot. I built one of these to fill up my sketchbooks for me. Meanwhile, I can catch up on the last ten years of The Simpsons. Were there some good episodes?