Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blasting over Bl'ast

My friend Eric sent me a bunch of nibs, so in return I did a drawing for him, based on the famous photo of Rob Roskopp doing a method air over the band Bl'ast. Er, well it's a famous photo if you're a middle-aged skateboarder.

I think he liked it!

And here are a couple of the many different nibs Eric sent me. I have mostly been using that Esterbrook oval point, but sometimes switch to the Tachikawa for fine details.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hartford Art School MFA

Hey, so I'm over half-way through my MFA program at Hartford Art School! I wish it could go on forever, actually.

Most of what I've been working on, I can't share yet. But being part of this program has pushed me to try some different things that are outside of my comfort zone. So I do want to share some of those experiments:

First up, a linocut print in the style of Randy Enos.

This one was inspired by our trip to Pasadena. The Hollywood sign was often looming overhead, so I decided to do my version of a film noir poster, starring two figure-drawing models who I drew on the trip.

Next up is my reaction to Fort Worth, Texas. I did ride a mechanical bull, and this is what it was like:

Last month, I had the awesome opportunity to learn from C.F. Payne and Gary Kelley. I tried doing a few pieces using C.F. Payne's techniques but in my cartoon-y style:

Some experiments were more successful than others.

Finally, of course there has still been lots of doodling: