Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MICE was Nice

Yes, I had a great time at MICE this past weekend, talking to everyone, doodling, and selling comics. A big Thank You to Bob for getting us the table and for making it look so good with a perfectly Heeby-Jeeby-green table cloth (wish I had a photo)! And thanks to everyone who came by!

This is another microcomic I made to sell at MICE:

I didn't realize until the day after MICE that I made a big mistake on the spread below. Can you tell what's wrong?

That's right! The little cowboy obviously should've been a mouse!

I fixed it for future editions. Now there's at least one mouse on every spread. If you bought this at MICE, email me your address and I'll send you a corrected version!

Here are a couple more sample spreads:

1 comment:

Bob Flynn said...

I have the SUPER RARE version, then! You know, the mouse definitely makes sense, but I like the little cowboy.