Friday, September 4, 2009

A Brookline Comic

This comic is based on a very hot day from last summer, before Cathy & I moved to Brookline, but we came and took a walk right along the border of Brookline and Boston. The idea for the story came to me then, and I thought it was funny, but much too ridiculous to actually draw. A year later, I still couldn't get it out of my head, so here it is!

And here's the soundtrack, which starts midway through page two:

Raymond Scott - Powerhouse [edit]

(open a new window so you can keep it playing while you look at the enlarged pages)


jabbett said...

But the actual Ice & Coal folks are so nice!

Daniel Chaffin said...

Brandish! (Cool part)
I looked it up. It seems that there is such a place, so... I guess I might as well believe the whole story. Oh and thanks for providing the soundtrack.

Dan Moynihan said...

I'm sure they are very nice in real life! It's just that my imagination prefers comically evil villains.
And they actually do make ice sculptures for Boston's First Night celebration, so they must be pretty cool.

KW said...

ha ha! wow, nice work sir!