Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not sure why I felt compelled to draw this . . .

. . . or to post it on my blog for that matter, but here it is!
Scroll through fast and pretend it is animated.

Discussion Guide
1. So, uh . . . where did his bike land?
2. What kind of ducks were those?
3. How did the girl and the dog and the bald guy and the cat get down there so fast? (Answer in the form of a wordless comic, with explanatory vector diagram if necessary.)
4. If some little girl gave you a push on your bike and you lost control and almost ran over some rare endangered ducks and then flew off a cliff and landed in a giant tub of water . . . well, how would you feel? Pretty good, I bet.

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Gavin Goo said...

Hi Dan! I love the fact that these illustrations came with Discussion Guide! :D